Topview website design

This website is a good example of the websites that I've built. The client needed a informational website that lists the services offered by their organization, some background information on who they are, and some contact information. Below are the 4 pages that make up the website.


Home Page

Services Page

About Us Page

Contact Us Page


initial sketches

While brainstorming on the structure of the website, I made a few preliminary sketches to share with the customer in order to get an idea what direction they wanted to head with the design. Below are some of the preliminary sketches.

Sketch A.jpg
Sketch B.jpg
Sketch C.jpg

The Client liked the second sketch the most and we decided to build on that. I found some web templates that had the elements that I needed to create this website and customized these in Adobe Dreamweaver. I also used Adobe Photoshop to modify some of the images and customize some of the page elements. Once the it the website was ready, we purchased the domain name and a hosting plan and published it.