During my years working as a freelance graphic designer as well as an in-house designer, I constantly had to create invitations for different occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduations and so on. Below are some of the designs that showcase my invitation design work.


Franklin Akinbobuyi Birthday invitation

This invitation is a typical example of birthday invitations that I had to create for my clients. On this occasion the client wanted to celebrate his fiftieth birthday in style and class and he decided to incorporate the colors gold and black. This was the final invitation design.


Asha & Arya 2nd year birthday inviation

This was an interesting project to work on because at that time I had not worked on a lot children oriented design. This project allowed me to explore designing around a children oriented theme. I experimented with different fonts and colors to arrive at this final design.


Rosaline & Daniel wedding invitation

I've worked on several wedding invitations, from simple 1-panel cards to pocket invitations with ribbons and wax stamps. Here is an example of a wedding invitation I created for a friend.


Keane Soluade graduation invitation

Here is another example of an invitation I created for a client. This client wanted something simple but elegant. I took some quick photographs of the client and incorporated one of them to create this Graduation invitation.